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Opportunities Management

Risk management is our way to defend ourselves.
Why are people afraid to move?
Because they are good at spotting the risks.
But there is something that they see a lot less:
Many of them actually come to us,
We just do not see them,
And certainly not realize.
We invest too much in risk management
Too little in managing prospects.

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Smart algorithm

Sophisticated chart analyses assists you to achieve an understanding about the behavior of stock charts, as well as mark on the graph the possible events of a trend changes.


Wide Range of Instruments. Nasdaq 100 Components, S&P 500 Components, FX and Commodities, World indices and more. Time-Lapse videos of a two years of stock activity in about 7 minutes, gives you a new perspective of a stock chart life cycle.

Easy to use

Drag & Drop interface
Three different intervals charts at one glance.