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How it works

How More-D Works

The presentation of the information is designed to be simple and intuitive.
Subscribers enter under "STOCKS" and choose a group from the list of groups shares- list shares of the same group are displayed.
Clicking on the buttons arrow up / arrow down, moves in the shares of the same group.
Each share is shown in three graphs, for day (DD) interval, for 60 minutes interval and for 10 minutes interval simultaneously. So to use wide screen with high resolution is very recommended.
60 minutes interval graph is the main chart, the DD interval chart is designed to give a picture with a wider perspective and the 10 minute interval graph is intended to provide a preview.
In addition, each share has four different types of graphs, when clicking the right / left arrow toggles between types of the same share.


The First type

Shows the points of the ups and downs of the graph in two frequencies, the low frequency the (green dots) and the high frequency the (brown dots).

The Second type

shows the possible events of a trend changes, along the Green Wave.


The Third type

Is showing the breakthrough lines. When the stock chart is in a long trend, the breakthrough lines are brown. When stock chart in short trend, the breakthrough lines are red.

The Forth type

Shows the RENKO graph.


Guidelines and Assumptions.